Sunday, December 30, 2012

the birthday girl :)

Happy birthday to me :D

dh lepas dh,now baru nk post.maaf lmbt post my bloggee friends :)

malam 5 disember pkul 12 lebh. tnpe disangke2, sedang diri ini leka brmain laptop. kawan2 kat asrama datng ke bilek n say happy birthday to me. thanks friends :) love u all.

esoknyer 6 disember,after the classes gerak to midvalley meeting my friends.spend time together.went back to the university at night. then, having the dinner with my oc or fasilitator in orientation with my friend in the group too. and i got this :D

my friends also :

aina, nadia, sofea, fea, liyana, adrena, sha. my roomiees kak kiah n safina :)

kak jiah wishing me too :) happy.hehehe...

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